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Will people who carry LV use Pinduoduo? This is an interesting topic. In the eyes of many people, LV is tall, and Pinduoduo is a magical story outside the fifth ring. The two seem to be very different, but they are not. We don't have much data to prove it (so our conclusions may be wrong), but will try to make our opinion clear. By the way, our view is "yes". First of all, this question is actually not very reasonable when you think about it, because there is no direct competition and cooperation between "back LV" and "use Pinduoduo"; therefore, the answer Bulk SMS Service must be "yes", and a more reasonable question may be " Will people who use Jingdong Tmall use Pinduoduo?" But what I said above is not important. What is important is that people will behave differently in different environments. 02 I remember a product manager once told me that most of the people he hooked up with on Tantan were "lonely single men" in big first- and second-tier Internet companies. At that time, it was hard for me to imagine that a bright and beautiful employee of a large factory would go to Momo and Tantan to make an appointment at a lonely midnight, and according to that friend's grass-roots research, this situation is quite common. Some of my friends who played the wild way of traffic told me in the early years that among the people who generally want some seeds of door events, the most active and easy to be hooked are the high-quality "white-collar workers of big factories.

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