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Women In comedy

Volunteer Opportunities

Our chapter cities are the lifeblood of this comedy sisterhood. Everything we do relies on our amazing volunteers. Connect with other women in real life. Our chapter cities/committees are comprised of various roles highlighting all types of skill sets.

Find one that fits you! Read Below To Learn More Or visit our volunteer match listings to Find a Volunteer Role For You.

Chapter Cities
Women In Comedy Chapter Citie
Chapter Cities

If you are a born leader with event planning skills and want to gather a volunteer club to connect nationally and put on events in your city, we'd love to hear from you! Email us today to learn more.

Comedy Coalition
Comedy Coalition

Are you a comedy decision maker? Are you committed to changing your space to be more inclusive? Let the community know you are  committed to creating professional, respectful comedy environments. Join our coalition and use our comedy code of conduct to create spaces free of harassment, assault, and all isms. It's #nolaughingmatter

Women In Comedy Coalition
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